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Our founder and primary Gyronaut Instructor Pilot, James Alaggio, in addition to his flawless safety record and roots as a test pilot, has 30 years of experience aviating in various flying missions in nearly 300 models of aircraft. He is one of today’s most experienced aviators with a long list of advanced pilot ratings including all FAA Rotorcraft Ratings which includes Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificates.

A brief list of some of his specialties include teaching advanced instruction in helicopters, gyroplanes and gliders along with flying unlimited aerobatic planes, warbirds and antique aircraft, gliders on the US Aerobatic Team, cross country racing sailplanes, utility and executive helicopters, Alaskan cargo planes, bush planes, seaplanes and large flying boats, unique experimental aircraft, ultralights, paragliders and wingsuits.

In addition to currently commanding widebody aircraft around the world, James also has served as Hawaiian Airlines’ Heritage Pilot flying over 500 tours in the airline’s original 1929 CH-300 Bellanca Pacemaker airplane. Besides sharing his love for flight and life, his focus always has been to master the flight characteristics of every type of aircraft to it’s full certified performance capabilities and always do this with a 100% safety record.

Having started his journey in New Jersey without any means of support James found home at a local airfield, Somerset Airport, and worked in exchange for flight time since he was 9 years old! Little did he know the glider rides operation at that airfield, “Fly for Fun”, needed ground crew and would be willing to teach James how to fly in exchange for his efforts. His life changed when he was able to solo a glider at 14 years old and learned aerobatics in warbird and classic airplanes shortly thereafter. When he turned 18 he acquired his commercial pilot rating which allowed him to become the chief pilot at a warbird aerial advertising company and start his Experimental Aircraft Flight Testing career. He later served in many roles that defined his path to becoming one of today’s most qualified and skilled aviators. 

Helicopter Instructor and ATP

Mountain Flying Expert

Widebody captain

Hawaiian Airlines

US Glider Aerobatic Team Pilot

Oahu, Hawaii

Advanced HelicopteR Missions

Firefighting, Utility, Rescue