Do I need any flying experience to fly the Naked Gyro?

First time Gyronauts are welcome to experience an Introductory Flight Lesson! It is our goal to introduce and educate our new friends in the tremendously beautiful and SAFE world of modern gyroplane flying. The pure freedom of human flight and immersive beauty that you will experience with us over our Hawaiian paradise will likely become one of the best memories of your life.

Why Naked?

Inspired by our decades of experience in antique 1920’s “fully open cockpit” aircraft and the popular “Breezy” airplane’s of the past, we want to share the magic of what makes us absolutely in love with pure immersive flight. The problem with antique open-exposure airplanes is that, in case of a rare emergency, old airplanes have to land at a relatively high speed for their wings to create enough lift for a soft landing. That energy must be lost in a very risky deceleration distance that could be off-airport with dangerous obstacles. We feel that level of risk is unacceptable so, along with AutoGyro GMBH, we custom designed the Naked Gyro with today’s most advanced technology to give the same open immersive flight experience with the highest level of safety! With 100 years of continual evolution, our modern gyroplane technology has advanced to the point of becoming one of the safest aircraft to fly in today’s skies! The beauty of the Naked Gyro is that our aircraft’s high-inertia rotor system is always autorotating which means that this aircraft can always be guided to a safe area to land, and land so slowly that every point in the flight profile has become safer than any other aircraft today. There is no other light aircraft that can offer this level of safety. 

Where are you located? 

We are based on the southwest side of the historic Kawaihapai Airfield, formerly known as Dillingham Airfield, on the North Shore of Oahu, approximately a 45 minute drive from Honolulu International Airport.

Kawaihapai Airfield
69-415 Farrington Hwy
Waialua, Hawaii 96791

Take the last entrance into Dillingham Airfield after you pass the glider operation (If you see the sign for the State Park on your left, you went just a little too far). Drive down the small airport road until you see a big parking lot on your left next to the airport “Unicom Tower.” This is where you will park. From there follow the directions in your confirmation email since our hangar is only a short walk away. Please do not walk near aircraft or the taxiway/runway since it is unsafe without an escort. 

What are new Gyronaut requirements?

Our aircraft is approved for Gyronauts that weigh up to 240 pounds. Your weight with clothing will be double checked before your flight. We have flown with kids as young as 6 and kids as old as 90! Safety and enjoyment is our priority so we ensure that every new Gyronaut is able to communicate clearly and accurately with the instructor using an advanced headset and intercom. If your primary language is not English please let us know so that we may learn how to effectively communicate with you. Those with disabilities are very welcome to fly with us as long as you are able to safely exit the aircraft without assistance and meet the requirements above. 

There’s no way I’m going to miss this experience! What do I wear?

Excellent question. First of all, our goal is your safety and happiness. To ensure safety in open cockpit aircraft you must confirm that nothing will blow off of, or behind, your body or fall out of your pockets. If you have long hair we recommend braiding it so it will be easily secured for your flight. Your choice of tied/secured shoes or no shoes is acceptable. To ensure your happiness we want you to be comfortable. Luckily, Hawaii offers the most ideal climate on earth for such an immersive open air experience. On warmer days our new Gyronauts often wear nothing but a swimsuit and your choice of our classic flying goggles! In the mornings and evenings warmer clothing will allow you to be more comfortable. We have warm leather flying jackets waiting for you, just in case. Everything else you need for our adventure is provided. Just bring yourself and your willingness to experience one of the best days of your life!
Pro tip: You get bonus points for dressing the part! Wear your best Aviator / Gyronaut / Vintage / Steampunk outfit and you will be rewarded with more than just looking good!

It’s a windy day! Is it too windy to fly?

Gyros LOVE wind! Our gyroplanes are certified to fly in winds up to 46 miles per hour! When most other small aircraft are grounded by the wind we are smiling from ear-to-ear playing in the sky with the stable Naked Gyro. The rotor blades cut through turbulence with ease turning windy days into magical flying experiences. 

Can I bring my phone or camera in-flight? 

Not on the Naked Gyro. Being in a completely open cockpit environment makes bringing your own phone or camera very risky to others on the ground if you drop it. Even with a lanyard the phone/camera could pose a safety hazard to the aircraft. We offer photo packages with high definition cameras that are professionally secured and positioned to ensure safe operation and stunning shots. Safety first!

The absolute openness of the cockpit is scary, right?

That’s exactly the point! Our specialty is to take you on the other side of your comfort zone, safely. Only there will you find the magic of life. We use deep psychology techniques to help you reprogram your mind’s “software” to help you live your life to the absolute fullest. Master your fears, master your life! 

You do lots of first time Gyronaut flights! Do you do advanced flight training and custom flights as well? 

Yes! We take pride in offering advanced flight training with one of the safest and most highly skilled and rated aviators on earth. We want to ensure that all fellow aviators have a lifetime of blissful flight memories by operating their aircraft safely. Our training specializes in and emphasizes psychological peak performance to improve your state and capabilities during high consequence events, Inadvertent IMC prevention and survival training, Mountain Flying Safety in Hawaii’s mountainous maritime environment, understanding micrometeorology by “reading the sky”, extracting energy from the atmosphere, dynamic flight, wire strike prevention, the machine-human interface along with accident/incident prevention and investigation. We encourage ALL rotorcraft, fixed-wing and human-flight pilots to experience our advanced aviator training in gyroplanes which will be individually customized to benefit your particular mission. Gyroplane flight experience is not necessary! We choose to use the modern advanced gyroplane as our educational vehicle because it is one of the safest and most ideal flying machines to integrate your mind into the vast sky and to safely explore conditions that would be uncomfortable in other aircraft. We speak your language because your instructor is an expert in flying nearly every category of aircraft at the highest level. From jet pilots to racing sailplane pilots to low level utility helicopter pilots, we can help you become a safer and more competent aviator. We also strive to provide the most comprehensive, informative and fun gyroplane flight reviews in the industry. Send us a message on the Flight Request page for more information so that we may optimize a training program for your needs. 

My experience flying the Naked Gyro with you was magical! How do I help you share this beauty with others?

Every one of our Gyronauts becomes an integral part of our ‘ohana, our family. We are honored that you chose us to guide you beyond your known boundaries to experience the magic of pure flight. We appreciate and encourage you to take a moment to leave us a positive review on Google and follow us on Instagram @NakedGyro. We strive for 100% satisfaction so please contact us if you have any recommendations on how to make the experience even better. Another great way to share the beauty of pure immersive flight is to post and tag @nakedgyro on social media so that we can create an inspirational aerial dreamchasing network that can change lives. Often the best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone. Let’s show the world and share the love of life! 
A hui hou! ( Until we meet again )

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