How does an “AutoGyro” Gyroplane fly?!

Magic! At least that’s what it looks like after 100 years of constant technological refinement! In January 1923 Juan de la Cierva first flew his new “Autogiro” gyroplane, the first flying machine that was immune to dangerous stalls and spins that plague fixed wing aircraft.

The beauty of the gyroplane is that the rotor blades constantly autorotate to generate lift and automatically self-regulate rotor speed from airflow entering through the bottom of the rotor system. The automatic Rotor RPM regulating property of the gyroplane’s rotor design is much safer than the helicopter’s immediate cyclic action and modulated collective pitch control requirements to set a safe rotor speed for autorotation. The gyro’s engine is not connected to the rotor system during flight which enables the modern gyro to safely and simply fly in all phases of the flight profile.

In short, the autorotating rotor system is a tremendously safe controllable “parachute” that needs no engine to land safely! Advanced students will learn that even with the engine off the gyro is a very safe, stable and controllable glider that can be guided to a gentle landing in very small areas. As Harold Pitcairn, Autogiro and rotorcraft pioneer, once said, “It can land on a dime, and give five cents change.”

Harold Pitcairn with his C-8W Autogiro in the background - 1928


Set an 18,415' altitude World Record followed by crossing the United States in her Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro


The Fairy Rotodyne

Preparing for flight

Naked Gyro

Carter copter

First rotorcraft to reach Mu-1, an equal ratio of airspeed to rotor tip speed

Free as a Bird

There is no other aircraft in the world that allows humans to experience freedom of pure flight over paradise with such a high level of safety!

SUPER Smooth

Even on windy days the AutoGyro cuts through bumps! Our gyroplanes are certified to operate in winds up to 46 miles per hour!

Safety FIRST

100 years of constant evolution means the aircraft can fly safely even without engine power and land in a space the size of a tennis court!

Why is the Naked Gyro so incredibly safe? 

Our custom MTOfree “Naked Gyro” was designed and engineered by AutoGyro GMBH and expertly built in the United States to the highest standards by HRA’s owner, James Alaggio, FAA Repairman, Certified Flight Instructor and Dual-Rated Airline Transport Pilot. It was specifically designed to be one of the safest light aircraft in history while retaining the classic and historic “open flying” experience! The new generation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated Rotorcraft-Gyroplane aircraft, also referred to as a “Gyrocopter,” “AutoGyro” or just “Gyro,” has constantly evolved since Cierva’s 1923 Autogiro.

The aircraft design was commonly called the “Windmill Safety Plane” because this type of aircraft is impossible to enter into a dangerous stall/spin! The patented technologies developed in gyroplanes have paved the way for the invention of the helicopter and many other flight technologies. The modern gyroplane is far less complex than helicopters and has been proven to be much more reliable due to the simplicity of the design.

Today the new generation gyroplanes have become one of the safest aircraft in the skies! They are tremendously stable, incredibly strong, highly maneuverable, easy to control and always have the capability of safely landing, even without a running engine, due to it’s always controllable autorotating rotor. One of the best parts of the gyro is that it typically lands and stops within the length of the aircraft itself, or less! Our favorite part is that the Gyroplane loves winds! The Naked Gyro is certified to operate in winds up to 46 miles per hour!

AutoGyros are stable, safe and fun in windy conditions that commonly ground other types of recreational aircraft! Our aircraft are equipped with advanced "Glass" Cockpits which feature Synthetic Vision, Live ADS-B 3D Flying Traffic, Dual Redundant AHRS technology and highly accurate Global Positioning Systems. We love gyroplanes and we want to share the most incredible and safe aviation adventure with you flying the Naked Gyro!

The Naked Gyro flying at sunset over Oahu's famous North Shore.

What is the naked gyro?

The Naked Gyro is an FAA designated and registered Rotorcraft-Gyroplane. The aircraft was engineered and constructed by Germany’s AutoGyro GMBH which has produced over 3,100 of their highly reliable modern Gyroplanes. Our Naked Gyro started as a proven AutoGyro MTOsport which was upgraded and customized at the factory to become a custom super “MTOfree” model for a fully immersive experience. Much like the popular “Breezy” airplanes of yesteryear but MUCH safer!

The Naked Gyro completed final assembly to the highest standards in the United States and then was FAA Approved to operate in the popular “Experimental” Category. The aircraft is inspected and serviced daily and is routinely maintained to the highest safety standards. The Federal Aviation Administration granted Hawaii Rotor Adventures LLC with a LODA authorization to operate the Naked Gyro for flight instruction. All of our flights are educational which means you will learn the ways of Gyronauts and how we use these magical machines to safely explore our beautiful tropical islands! 

James inspecting the rotor system of the Naked Gyro.