AutoGyro Dealer & Training Center

Hawaii Rotor Adventures is an authorized AutoGyro Dealer and Training Center. We train to the highest levels of safety and promote AutoGyro GMBH's incredible FAA Factory Certified and E-AB Gyroplanes, with over 3,100 advanced gyroplanes built since 2003.

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Coming Soon: Simulator Experience

Try our Gyroplane, Helicopter, Glider & eVTOL Virtual Reality Simulator!

Come “fly” the most sophisticated civilian Virtual Reality Flight Simulator offered in the United States!

Your real advanced helicopter, gyroplane and glider instructor will guide you through the most exciting and challenging missions in our ultra-realistic 3D modern simulator run by the most sophisticated gaming computer on today’s market. You will be AMAZED by the incredible realism that will bring you right into the pilots seat! No experience is necessary!

Learn what it’s like to fly through a beautiful mountain canyon, save a life with a helicopter, safely fly through the clouds, fight a fire and even land on a moving boat! We can program the simulator to fly anywhere in the world, so we can even fly where you live!

Simulator Session FREE with the purchase of a Ground School Lesson!

Helicopter Training

Exclusively for owners of MD, Bell and Schweizer Helicopters (and more upon request) we offer training in your aircraft in the following roles:

  • Beginner through Advanced Helicopter Flight Training

  • Turbine Transition

  • Advanced Autorotation Training

  • Mission Oriented Training

  • Mountain Safety Course

  • Understanding Mountain Winds, Rotor, Shear, Thermals, Orographic Lift and Sink

  • High Density Altitude Performance and Safety

  • Visual References in the Mountains: False Horizons, Lack of Texture, Loss of Visual References during White or Brown Out Conditions

  • Overpitching dangers including subsequent loss of directional control

  • Energy and Rotor Management for optimal performance

  • Accident Prevention Course

    • Inadvertent IMC (IIMC) Prevention and Recovery

    • Loss of Situational Awareness Recovery

    • Wire Strike Prevention

    • Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Prevention

    • Dynamic Rollover Prevention

    • Ground Resonance Recovery

    • Vortex Ring State Prevention and Recovery, including the Vuichard Method

    • Confined Area Safety

    • Loss of Visual References during White or Brown Out Conditions

Gliding & Aerobatics Training

  • Advanced Cross Country Soaring

  • Competition Flying

  • Mountain Training & Safety

  • Aerobatic Training through Advanced

The Oahu mountain ranges offer abundant lift