We invite you to Oahu’s North Shore for your Introductory Gyronaut Flight! No experience necessary for your first flight!

Explore the breathtaking tropical beauty of Oahu from an open cockpit.

Do you know what it’s like to soar like a bird over the world’s most beautiful tropical paradise? We do! Our highly skilled 10,000+ hour FAA Certificated Commercial Rotorcraft-Gyroplane Flight Instructor at Hawaii Rotor Adventures is an expert aviator that can show you why it’s the most magical flying experience in the world!

Our fully open cockpit experience is a sensory symphony as you can smell the tropical forests, flowers and ocean and feel the clean tropical air on your face! We bring back the freedom and historic style of 1920’s open cockpit flying with today’s advanced safety technologies for the most fun and safe aviation experience in the general aviation industry. Our advanced FAA designated “Rotorcraft-Gyroplanes” are certified to safely and smoothly operate daily in winds up to 46 miles per hour!

We will take off from the 9,000 foot long paved runway that was used for B-24 Liberator bombers and P-40 fighter planes during World War II. Once airborne we immediately become completely immersed in Oahu’s breathtaking North Shore ocean and mountain views! We’ll get the best surf report in the world as we fly over Hawaii’s surfing capital and maybe even find tropical soaring bird friends to fly with near the massive Mt. Ka’ala, Oahu’s highest mountain. The longer flight duration options allow us to explore even more natural wonders and stunning scenes including humpback whale watching intermissions during the winter season. 

By embarking on an educational expeditionary flight with us you will learn why flying the Naked Gyro and immersing yourself into the world of open cockpit flying has become one of life’s most incredible memories for our explorers. Often the best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone. We’ll take you there safely and show you how to fly free as a bird!

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Fly Free as a bird

There is no other aircraft in the world that allows humans to experience freedom of pure human flight over paradise with such a high level of safety! 

Smooth and fun

Even on windy days the AutoGyro cuts through bumps! Our gyroplanes are approved to operate in winds up to 46 miles per hour. Every day is a flying day! 

Superb safety

Our advanced German AutoGyro gyroplanes benefit from over 100 years of constant evolution since January 1923! The aircraft can fly safely even without engine power and land almost anywhere!